75th Anniversary of V-E Day

Today, May 8th 2020, marks the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day (V-E Day) and the end of World War II in Europe.

1.1 million Canadians would serve during the war, and saw action in every theatre, but most saw action on the North Atlantic and in Europe.  55,000 military personnel would be wounded, while another 42,000 would never make it home again.

Canada was attacked during the Battle of the St. Lawrence, and our naval personnel would play a vital role in keeping the supply chain with the U.K. and Europe open via the North Atlantic.

Our military personnel would play important roles in the liberation of Italy and The Netherlands, as well at Juno Beach on D-Day.

While we remember the end of the war in Europe, we should also remember those who lost their lives to defend the freedoms we enjoy today.

About Edward Brain

I am a long time condo activist and have a background in Business Administration.
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