About Me

Hello!  Thank you for dropping by my blog!

I am interested in many things:

I am into the concept of the “Condominium Community” instead of the “Condominium Corporation” as I know from personal experience that a condominium is not a faceless profit driven “corporation” but rather a community of people who all live in very close quarters.  People need to co-operate and work together to make their condominium work properly.

I have my Condominium Director’s Training Certificate from the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO), and I regularly attend seminars presented by the CCI and ACMO to continue gaining knowledge in condominiums.

I am into sports – and especially Toronto sports teams.  I cannot wait for the Maple Leafs to end their decades long drought and win the Stanley Cup.  I remember Joe Carter hitting the most important home run in Blue Jays history to win the 1993 World Series.  I watched as Ricky Ray lead the Argos to a win in the 100th Grey Cup at home in Toronto.

I love music – especially the works of Richard Wagner.  There can never be enough performances of Wagner.  But I also like listening to Verdi, some Puccini (Tosca, Turandot especially), and Gilbert & Sullivan.

So, please sit back and enjoy this blog.  I hope you will find it interesting to read, and make you think.  And please consider making a comment if you have something to say about one of my posts.

For those who are interested:  I have a background in administration and hold a Diploma in Business Administration and a post-grad Certificate in Human Resources Management.  Both were from Humber College, and both were attained with Honours standing.

My Youtube channel is as follows: Edward’s Videos

My Flickr photos can be found as follows:  Edward B’s Pictures

You may also be interested in viewing these other two sites that I operate:

Edward’s Photographs and Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital.

Thanks for dropping by.

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