Happy Victoria Day 2020

Queen Victoria (State portrait) by Sir George ...

Queen Victoria by Sir George Hayter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, May 18th 2020, is Victoria Day in Canada. I want to wish every Canadian a very happy and safe Victoria Day.

Today marks the celebration of the birthday of Canada’s first monarch, Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901 and was Monarch when four British colonies – Canada West (Ontario), Canada East (Quebec), New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia – were combined together to create the Dominion of Canada.

Queen Victoria would see Canada grow rapidly, with the purchase of Rupert’s Land to form the Northwest Territory, as well Manitoba, British Columbia, and Prince Edward Island all joining Confederation. Continue reading

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75th Anniversary of V-E Day

Today, May 8th 2020, marks the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day (V-E Day) and the end of World War II in Europe.

1.1 million Canadians would serve during the war, and saw action in every theatre, but most saw action on the North Atlantic and in Europe.  55,000 military personnel would be wounded, while another 42,000 would never make it home again.

Canada was attacked during the Battle of the St. Lawrence, and our naval personnel would play a vital role in keeping the supply chain with the U.K. and Europe open via the North Atlantic. Continue reading

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Happy 65th Birthday to The Canadian

Prince Albert Park on The Canadian

Today, April 24th 2020, VIA Rail’s flagship train, The Canadian, turns 65 years old.

On April 24th, 1955 the Canadian Pacific Railway began running The Canadian on a daily schedule between Toronto/Montreal and Vancouver.  The train ran from Vancouver, British Columbia to Sudbury, Ontario where it would be split into two sections with one section going to Montreal, Quebec, and the other going to Toronto, Ontario. Continue reading

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Actress Shirley Douglas has passed away at 86

Famed Canadian actress Shirley Douglas has passed away at the age of 86.

Ms. Douglas is best remembered for her role as matriarch May Bailey in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) series Wind at My Back.  She also appeared as Madeleine Albright in the miniseries, The Path to 9/11.  Other series include Road to Avonlea, Flash Gordon, and Street Legal. Continue reading

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Some Encouragement

As the world grips with the coronavirus, I thought that I would spread some cheer with some spring related pictures to help encourage everyone to handle the hurdles in their life at the moment:

Continue reading

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Happy Commonwealth Day 2020

Commonwealth of Nations showing Commonwealth r...

Commonwealth of Nations showing Commonwealth realms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today (March 9th, 2020) is Commonwealth Day in the countries that are members of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Commonwealth Day, celebrated on the second Monday of March throughout the Commonwealth, as its name suggests celebrates the Commonwealth.

Queen of United Kingdom (as well as Canada, Au...

Queen Elizabeth II(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Traditionally, in London, Queen Elizabeth II leads a celebration at Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day along with the Commonwealth Secretary-General, and the Commonwealth High Commissioners. Her Majesty is the Head of the Commonwealth, and normally reads a speech in honour of the occasion. Continue reading

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‘Pocket Rocket’ Richard has Passed Away

11 time Stanley Cup Champion Henri ‘Pocket Rocket’ Richard has passed away at the age of 84.

Mr. Richard, the younger brother of Maurice ‘The Rocket’ Richard, would play 20 seasons for the Montreal Canadiens from 1955 to 1975.  The brother would play five seasons together for the Habs from 1955-1960, winning the Stanley Cup each year.

Continue reading

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Streetcar Action at Kipling Loop

For three consecutive weekends starting on the weekend of February 15, 2020, the TTC was short turning the 501 Queen service west of Humber Loop at Kipling Loop.  This is being done to allow the City of Toronto to do some work on the sidewalk on Lake Shore Blvd. W. at Long Branch Loop.

Here are some pictures from today: Continue reading

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World Series Champion Tony Fernández has Passed Away

Darren Oliver pitching in the 7th inning for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Former Toronto Blue Jay shortstopTony Fernández has passed away at the age of 57.  He played for the Blue Jays in four different stints: from 1983-1900, 1993, from 1998-1999, and finally in 2001, winning the World series with the Blue Jays in 1993.

Mr. Fernández was born Octavio Antonio Fernández Castro San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican RepublicContinue reading

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Happy 55th Birthday to the Maple Leaf

February 15th, 2020 marks the 55th anniversary of Canada adopting the Maple Leaf as Canada’s official flag.

Happy Birthday to the Maple Leaf!

The Maple Leaf

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