Happy 65th Birthday to The Canadian

Prince Albert Park on The Canadian

Today, April 24th 2020, VIA Rail’s flagship train, The Canadian, turns 65 years old.

On April 24th, 1955 the Canadian Pacific Railway began running The Canadian on a daily schedule between Toronto/Montreal and Vancouver.  The train ran from Vancouver, British Columbia to Sudbury, Ontario where it would be split into two sections with one section going to Montreal, Quebec, and the other going to Toronto, Ontario.

VIA Rail would take over operation of The Canadian in 1979 when it took over passenger operations from the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Canadian National Railway.

The train would continue to run on the Canadian Pacific’s route until January 1990 when it was cut to a three day a week operation between Toronto and Vancouver on the Canadian National’s mainline.

Happy 65th Birthday to The Canadian!!!!

Following are some pictures of The Canadian:

And now a couple videos:

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