2015 Stanley Cup Finals

The Stanley Cup.

The Stanley Cup.

The Stanley Cup Final is now set.  The Clarence S. Campbell Bowl winners, the Chicago Blackhawks will face off against the Prince of Wales Trophy winners, the Tampa Bay Lightning.

This is the first postseason meeting between the two teams.  This series marks the Lightning’s second ever appearance in the Finals.  They won the Cup in 2004 when they last made it to the Finals.  The Blackhawks are making their 13th appearance in the Finals, and have won the last two times they appeared in the Finals in 2010 and 2013.

The two teams split their regular season series at one win each.  Both teams played a seven game series in the Conference Finals to reach the Stanley Cup Finals, with the Blackhawks beating the Anaheim Ducks, and the Lightning beating out the New York Rangers.

Look for the Blackhawks to win in six games, but all the games should be close.

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