Maple Leafs Announce Pre-Season Schedule

The Toronto Maple Leafs have announced their pre-season schedule for the 2014-15 NHL season.  The team will play eight games (four home games and four road games) against four teams.

The pre-season starts out on September 22nd in London Ontario against the Philadelphia Flyers.

The pre-season games break down as follows:

September 22nd vs. Philadelphia Flyers in London.
September 23rd vs. Philadelphia Flyers at the ACC.
September 24th vs. Ottawa Senators, in a split squad match
September 26th vs. Buffalo Sabres in Buffalo.
September 28th vs. Buffalo Sabres at the ACC.
September 29th vs. Detroit Red Wings in Detroit.
October 3rd vs. Detroit Red Wings at the ACC.

The split squad match is actually two games between the Leafs and Senators.  Half the team will play half of the Senators at the ACC while the other half of both teams will be in Ottawa.

The Maple Leafs are looking to make it back to the playoffs this season after failing to do so in the season which just finished.

So, let’s support our team Leafs Nation, and ‘GO LEAFS GO!’


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I am a long time condo activist and have a background in Business Administration.
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