Liberal Majority in Ontario

Queen's Park

Queen’s Park

Now that the dust has settled in the 41st general election in Ontario, let’s look at the results:

  • Out of 107, 54 seats were required to form a majority Government.
  • The Liberals won 58 seats, for a four seat majority.
  • The Progressive Conservatives (PC) won 28 seats, forming the Official Opposition.
  • The New Democratic Party (NDP) won 21, which is unchanged.

For the Liberals, this improves on their performance from the 2011 election when they won 53 prior to losing several by-elections and dropping to 48 seats prior to this election.

The PCs lost the most, losing nine seats in total from prior to the election.  After the election results came in, PC Leader Tim Hudak announced his resignation as PC Leader.

The NDP, who effectively triggered the election when they announced that they would not support the 2014 Budget, remains at 21 seats.  However, they saw their popular vote increase.

The most surprising aspect of this election is that the Liberals have not only been able to retain power, but to turn a minority into a majority.  The opposition had the most to gain, yet could not take advantage of the result actions of the Government including the cancelled gas plants.

There is one seat that is still in dispute.  The Liberal candidate in Thornhill, Sandra Racco, was originally declared the winner of the riding.  However a recount was ordered and the incumbent, Gila Martow, was declared the winner by only 85 votes.  Miss Racco has indicated that she may ask for a judicial review of the count.

The following won seats in this election:

Liberal Party

Progressive Conservatives

New Democratic Party

The following incumbents chose not to run for re-election:


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