Why the Mayor of Toronto Should Resign

At this point, with all the controversies that Mayor Rob Ford has had to deal with, I personally believe that it is time for him to resign as Mayor of Toronto.  The whole issue with his use of crack cocaine, which started back in May has done nothing but embarrass the city.

Mr. Ford recently made the following announcement with regards to his admission of using illegal drugs:

“These mistakes will never, ever, ever happen again…To residents of Toronto, I know I have let you down. I have to regain your trust and confidence.”

If he honestly means to regain the trust and confidence of the citizens of Toronto, then he has only one clear option: to resign and receive treatment for his addictions.

Since becoming Mayor in 2010, Mr. Ford’s behaviour has been downright embarrassing, and unacceptable.  He denies being drunk in public, and then admits it later on.  He drives while using his cellphone. Now he admits that he has used crack cocaine, even after denying that he used crack cocaine for months, even denying the now found video did not exist.

Mr. Ford keeps claiming that the media, especially the Toronto Star, is against him.  However, the media also keeps catching him in situations that are not only harmful for himself, but for the City of Toronto.  While the media may not have been friendly towards him, his behaviour, not his politics, has been the issue and has been proven correct.

Late night television in the U.S. is even making jokes out of Mr. Ford and the City.  This is something that the City simply does not need.

If Mr. Ford is truly sorry and wants not only to make amends but to deal with his addictions, he should resign, get the help he needs, and then consider whether or not he should run for election next year.  But the City does not need this type of behaviour.

If Mr. Ford gets the treatment he needs to overcome his addictions, then the City can consider whether or not he deserves another term in office.  However, at the moment, the City does not need this type of negative exposure.

About Edward Brain

I am a long time condo activist and have a background in Business Administration.
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1 Response to Why the Mayor of Toronto Should Resign

  1. Embarrassed in Ontario says:

    Amen! Exit way overdue!

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