Blue Jays Blow Early Lead to Dodgers

The Toronto Blue Jays lost Tuesday night 10-9 to the Los Angeles Dodgers after leading 8-3 after 6 innings.  The winning pitcher was Brandon League (4-3), the losing pitcher was Darren Oliver (3-2), while Kenley Jansen picked up his 12 save of the season.

Prior to the game the Blue Jays’ players held a players only meeting for an one hour and 10 minutes.  Unfortunately, they did not work out how to fix their defensive problems.  They gave up three homeruns including a three run homerun by Dodgers First Baseman Adrian Gonzalez to make it 9-8.  Hanley Ramirez then stepped up to the plate and hit a solo homerun to make it 10-8.  The Jays gave up 13 hits and four walks plus a hit batsman.

On some positive notes, Juan Pérez set a team record by pitching a three up, three down ninth inning.  He extends his scoreless innings mark to 22 innings, setting a team record for the longest scoreless streak by a Jays new pitcher.  José Bautista, Mark DeRosa, and José Reyes all hit homeruns for the Jays.  While Reyes’ homerun came with Brett Lawrie on first base, DeRosa and Bautista both hit solo homeruns showing once again the main issue with the Jays offence – unless they continue to hit homeruns but with few or no men on base.

While the Jays offence proved itself again last night, the team still has to learn not to give up more runs than it scores or else it will continue to lose.

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I am a long time condo activist and have a background in Business Administration.
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