World Cup 2022: Round of 16

The knockout stages of the FIFA World Cup are now ready to begin with the Round of 16 set.

Let’s look at the matchups:

Netherlands vs. United States

Argentina va. Australia

Japan vs. Croatia

Brazil vs. South Korea

England vs. Senegal

France vs. Poland

Morocco vs. Spain

Portugal vs. Switzerland

There were a feww upsets in the group stage, including hosts Qatar becoming the first host country to lose their first game and failing to make the knockout stage. Germany, ranked 11th in the world, missed the knockout stages, tying with Spain in the group stage but failing to advance on goal differential. Mexico, ranked 13th also failed to advance, as did Belgium (ranked #2) and Uruguay (ranked #14.)

Look for the following teams to advance to the next round: Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Brazil, England, France, Spain, and Portugal.

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I am a long time condo activist and have a background in Business Administration.
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