Team Canada at the XXII Commonwealth Games

Team Canada has completed its competition in the XXII (22nd) Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham, England.

Canada placed third overall with 92 total medals: 26 Gold, 32 Silver, and 34 Bronze.

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A total of 269 athletes represented Canada in 17 different sports.

Summer McIntosh, a swimmer, was outstanding in the competition, winning six medals.

Other highlights of the Games for Team Canada include:

  • 20 medals in swimming
  • 13 medals in gymanastics
  • 12 medals in wrestling
  • Eight medals in Judo and weightlifting
  • Summer McIntosh won two Gold, three Silver, and one Bronze
  • Carmel Kallemaa won two Bronze and a Silver in gymanstics
  • Chris Kaji won a Silver and a Bronze in gymnastics
  • Emma Spence won two Bronze in gymanstics
  • Javier Acevedo won three Bronze and a Silver in swimming
  • Joshua Liendo won a Gold and three Bronze in swimming
  • Kelsey Mitchell won three Silver and a Bronze in cycling
  • Mia Vallée won a Gold and a Bronze indiving

Congratulations to all our athletes who competed at the Commonwealth Games! You made our country proud!!!

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