Canada at the Beijing Winter Olympics

The 24th Winter Olympics have now concluded. Congratulations to all the athletes who competed.

Let’s look at how Team Canada performed at the Olympics:

In total, Canada won 4 Gold, 8 Silver, and 14 Bronze medals, for a total of 26 medals, good for 11th place overall.

Team Canada won the following medals:

The Maple Leaf

Gold Medal:

Max Parrot (Men’s slopestyle)

Ivanie Blondin, Valérie Maltais, and Isabelle WeidemannWomen’s team pursuit (Speed skating)

Pascal Dion, Steven Dubois, Jordan Pierre-Gilles, Charles Hamelin, and Maxime Laoun (Men’s 5000 metre relay)

Canada women’s national ice hockey team

Silver Medal:

Mikaël Kingsbury (Men’s moguls)

Steven Dubois (Men’s 1500 metres)

Éliot Grondin (Men’s snowboard cross)

Isabelle Weidemann (Women’s 5000 metres)

Marielle Thompson (Women’s ski cross)

Cassie Sharpe (Women’s halfpipe)

Laurent Dubreuil (Men’s 1000 metresSpeed skating)

Ivanie Blondin (Women’s mass startSpeed skating)

Bronze Medal:

Isabelle Weidemann (Women’s 3000 metres)

Mark McMorris (Men’s slopestyle)

Kim Boutin (Women’s 500 metresShort track speed skating)

Alexandria Loutitt, Matthew Soukup, Abigail Strate, and Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes (Ski jumping, Mixed team)

Meryeta O’Dine (Women’s snowboard cross)

James Crawford (Men’s combinedAlpine skiing)

Miha Fontaine, Lewis Irving, and Marion Thénault (Mixed team aerialsFreestyle skiing)

Éliot Grondin, and Meryeta O’Dine (Mixed team snowboard crossSnowboarding)

Steven Dubois (Men’s 500 metres)

Christine de Bruin (Women’s monobobBobsleigh)

Max Parrot (Men’s big airSnowboarding)

Rachael Karker (Women’s halfpipe)

Brad Gushue, Mark Nichols, Brett Gallant, Geoff Walker, and Marc Kennedy (Curling)

Justin Kripps, Ben Coakwell, Ryan Sommer, and Cam Stones (Four-man Bobsleigh)

Six athletes won multiple medals at the Games:

  1. Steven Dubois and Isabelle Weidemann won three medals – a Gold, Silver, and Bronze each.
  2. Ivanie Blondin, Max Parrot, Éliot Grondin, and Meryeta O’Dine all won two medals each.

Congratulations to all our athletes!!!! You ALL made us proud!!!!!

GO CANADA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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