Euro Cup 2020 Finals Set

The Finals for the 2020 Euro Cup is now set.

In the final, England takes on Italy on July 11th, 2021.

Italy earned a spot in the finals after beating out Austria (2-1 in extra time), Belgium (2-1), and Spain (4-2 on penalties) in the knockout stages. Italy also won all three of its group matches.

England earned a right to play in the finals by beating out Germany (2-0), Ukraine (4-0), and Denmark (2-1 in extra time) in the knockout stages. England is also undefeated in the tournament, their worst performance in the tournament being a 0-0 draw against Scotland in their second game of the Group Stage.

Italy is looking to win their second Euro Cup, last winning in their first appearance back in 1968. England has never won the Euro Cup, with their best results being two third place finishes in 1968 and 1996.

Look for England to win their first title.

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