Frank Nelson at 110

On this date in 1911, actor Frank Nelson was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As such, today, May 5th 2021, would have marked his 110th birthday.

Frank Nelson was well known for his catchphrase, EEE-Yeeeeeeeeesssss?, on many shows, including The Addams Family, The Jack Benny Program, I Love Lucy, The Real McCoys, Alice, and Sanford and Son.

He is long remembered for his work with Jack Benny, starting out on his radio show in the 1940s, before moving on to work with him on Mr. Benny’s television show.

Mr. Nelson guest starred on several episodes of the I Love Lucy show, including playing the conductor on my favourite episode, “The Great Train Robbery“.  He would become a semi regular member of the cast during season six, playing neighbour Ralph Ramsey.

Mr. Nelson would also provide voices for several animated series, including The Flintstones, Mister Magoo, The Jetsons, Dinky Dog, and The Snorks.

He was married twice, first to Mary Lansing from 1933 to 1970, and then to Veola Vonn from 1970 until his death.

Mr. Nelson was diagnosed with cancer in 1985, and died on September 12, 1986.

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I am a long time condo activist and have a background in Business Administration.
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