Team Canada Looks to Seek 16th Spengler Cup Trophy

Team Canada is looking to win its 16th Spengler Cup starting today.  The Spengler Cup, started in 1923, is held every year in Davos, Switzerland between December 26th and 31st.  Teams are invited to compete in the tournament.

Team Canada enters the torunament after being the runners-up last year and having won the Cup 15 times, with an additional 10 times when they were the runners-up.  Team Canada has been competing in the tournament since 1984.

Team Canada has had some very successful runs in the Spengler Cup.  They won four straight titles from 1996-1998, three straight titles from 2015-2017 (appearing in four straight finals from 2015-2018), and three titles in four years (1984, 1986, and 1987 – while appearing in the finals every year from 1984-1988.)

This year’s team consists of the following players:


Adam Tambellini (#9)

Kris Versteeg (#10)

Dustin Jeffrey (#15)

Eric Fehr (#16)

Justin Danforth (#17)

Scottie Upshall (#19)

Daniel Winnik (#26)

Éric Faille (#27)

Kevin Clark (#32)

Ben Maxwell (#49)

David Desharnais (#51)

Josh Jooris (#86)

Chris DiDomenico (#89)


Paul Postma (#4)

Ian Mitchell (#5)

Alex Grant (#20)

Patrick Wiercioch (#28)

Andrew MacDonald (#47)

Maxim Noreau (#56)


Brendan Burke (#1)

Zach Fucale (#30)

Matt Tomkins (#31)

So, let’s cheer on Team Canada as it looks for its 16th Spengler Cup title!  Go Canada!

About Edward Brain

I am a long time condo activist and have a background in Business Administration.
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