CLRV #4178

For the last few months of operation prior to their retirement, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has decided to paint one of their remaining Canadian Light Rail Vehicles (CLRV) in a different paint scheme.

The CLRV chosed was #4178.  The streetcar was repainted on the outside by Jacquie Comrie and on the inside by Nicole Beno, Ryan Van der Hout, and Chris Perez.  The project was named “A Streetcar Named Toronto.”

The TTC has been operating the streetcar on different parts of the streetcar system as part of a farewell for the CLRVs.

I have been able to get some pictures of the streetcar:

First at Long Branch Loop on the western end of the 501 Queen line:

#4178 at Long Branch Loop

#4178 at Long Branch Loop

Then on Fleet Street while operating on the 511 Bathurst line:

#4178 at Fleet St.

#4178 crossing Strachan Ave.

#4198 entering Exhibition Place

#4178 leaving Exhibition Place

#4178 on Fleet St.

And now for a short video of CLRV #4178 in action:

And finally, on its last day of service on December 29th 2019:

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