Baseball Wild Card Games

The Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season has now been completed, and the 10 postseason teams have now all qualified.

The postseason opens tonight, with the National League Wild Gard Game.

In the first round, the one game Wild Card Games (WCG), we see the following match-ups:

American League:

Tampa Bay Rays (96-66) vs. Oakland Athletics (97-65).  The Rays won their only other wild card game, back in 2013.  The Athletics lost both wild card games they appearedm in 2014 and 2018.  Look for the Athletics to win.

National League:

Milwaukee Brewers (89-73) vs. Washington Nationals (93-69).  This is the first time since 1982, when they played in the A.L. that the Brewers have appeared in back-to-back postseasons.  Both teams are making their first wild card game appearance.  Look for the Brewers to win.

The other teams to qualify for the postseason, and have already advanced to their respective Divisional Series thanks to their first place finishes are:

American League:

  1.  Houston Astros (107-55, West)
  2. New York Yankees (103-59,East)
  3. Minnesota Twins (101-61, Central)

The Astros will face the winners of the ALWCG, while the Yankees will have home field advantage against the Twins.

National League:

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (106-56, West)
  2. Atlanta Braves (97-65, East)
  3. St. Louis Cardinals (91-71, Central)

The Dodgers will host the winners of the NLWCG, while the Braves have the home field advantage against the Cardinals.

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