Toronto’s old Articulated Streetcars are Retired

September 2nd, 2019 marked the final day of service for the Toronto Transit Commission’s Articulated Light Rail Vehicle (ALRV.)

The cars, based on the shorter Canadian Light Rail Vehicle (CLRV), were longer and could therefore hold more passengers.  They entered service in 1988, nine years after the CLRV.

The cars ended up being difficult to maintain and were originally going to be retired much early as the TTC’s new fleet of Flexity Outlook streetcars entered service.  However, due to delays in the arrival of the new fleet, the ALRV received a short reprieve.

On September 2nd, two ALRVS – #4204 and #4207 – were run along the 501 Queen line between Wolseley Loop (on Bathurst St., just north of Queen St.) and Russell carhouse.  #4207 as accompanied by CLRV #4156, while #4204 was accompanied by CLRV #4117.  Both streetcars were packed with people wanting their final rides, which were offered for free.  So many people came out that #4117 had to be used as an overflow to handle the demand for rides.

With today’s trips, an end of an era has come along.  The TTC’s first articulated streetcars are now retired, sidelined by a newer model.

Here are some pictures from today:

And finally a short video of the last day of operation:


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5 Responses to Toronto’s old Articulated Streetcars are Retired

  1. Alex (Brampton) says:

    But not to worry, the TTC plans to preserve AT LEAST one ALRV in Toronto for special events, charters and other historical purposes, just like they did with the other legacy vehicles.

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