June 9th 2019 Departure of VIA Rail Train #1 The Canadian

I happened to catch the June 9th 2019 departure of VIA Rail’s flagship train The Canadian from Toronto’s Union Station.

The train was at its full summer’s length – two locomotives and 21 cars.  The consist was as follows:

F40PH-2 #6445
F40PH-2 #6438
Chateau Deauville
Baggage car #8601
HEP-I coach #8133
HEP-I coach #8134
Skyline #8503
Douglas Manor
Wolfe Manor
Fraser Manor
Skyline #8506
York (dining car)
Abbott Manor
Sherwood Manor
Carleton Manor
Draper Manor
Bliss Manor
Cameron Manor
Skyline #8509
Fairholme (dining car)
Chateau Levis
Chateau Cadillac
Chateau Dollard
Prince Albert Park

Here are some pictures of the departure:


And finally, a video of the departure:

About Edward Brain

I am a long time condo activist and have a background in Business Administration.
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