Matt Boyd Makes an Impresses in Major League Debut

Today, Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher Matt Boyd made a huge impression in his first ever major league appearance.  Despite losing the game 4-0 to the Texas Rangers and Yovani Gallardo (who pitched an impressive 8 1/3 innings), Boyd pitched with confidence.

Boyd would give up three solo homeruns to open the fourth, fifth, and seventh, he would get the next three batters out in the fourth and fifth, and the next two out in the seventh.  Boyd would also get seven strikeouts and no walks.

The shame in today’s game was that the Rangers veteran pitcher, Yovani Gallardo was better.  Gallardo gave up only a walk to José Bautista in the first until Edwin Encarnación’s single in the fourth inning.

The game will likely earn Matt Boyd another start next week – and let’s hope he can pick up the win in that game.

About Edward Brain

I am a long time condo activist and have a background in Business Administration.
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