2014 Stanley Cup Finals

We are now set for the finals of the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs with the New York Rangers (Champions of the Eastern Conference) vs. the Los Angeles Kings (Champions of the Western Conference.)

The Rangers are making their first appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals since 1994, when they on the Stanley Cup after a 54 year drought.  The Kings are making their second appearance in the finals in the last three years.  They won the Cup back in 2012 and this is their third appearance in the finals since joining the league in 1967.

This is the third postseason match-up between the two teams.  The Rangers beat the Kings both times they met, back in 1979 and 1981.  Both were preliminary round match-ups.  In those series the Rangers won 2 games to none and 3 games to 1 for a 5-1.

The two teams each won a game in their head-to-head series during the regular season.  The Kings became the first team to reach the finals having to play three seven game series prior to this.  They also won each series on the road.

Look for this to be a well played series going six games and the Rangers ending a 20 year drought.  After the last round, my postseason record is 8-6 this year after both the Montreal Canadiens and the Chicago Blackhawks lost in the Conference Finals.

Let’s see what happens.  And all the best to both teams.

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