Remembering John Candy

20 years today the great Canadian comedian John Candy passed away of a heart attack while working on a film in Mexico.

John was born and raised in Newmarket, and came to fame as a member of the comedy series SCTV.

John made a name for himself in comedy, but also did more dramatic roles, as demonstrated in Only the Lonely.  He also starred in Cool Runnings, the movie inspired by the Jamaican bobsleigh team.

John starred in many movie roles, including Planes, Trains, and Automobiles; The Great Outdoors; Who’s Harry Crumb?; Uncle Buck; Wagons East; and Canadian Bacon.

In 1991, along with Wayne Gretzky and Bruce McNall, John Candy become co-owner of the Canadian Football League’s Toronto Argonauts.  The Argonauts won the Grey Cup in 1991.

John was married once, and had two children.

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