League Championship Series

Now that the Detroit Tigers have eliminated the Oakland Athletics in five games, we can talk about the League Championship Series:

American League Championship Series (A.L.C.S)

In the American League, the Detroit Tigers take on the Boston Red Sox.  Detroit won the regular season series four games to three.  Detroit is the defending American League Pennant winners while this is Boston’s first trip to the A.L.C.S. since 2008.

Detroit has appeared in the A.L.C.S. six times, winning three times.  Boston has appeared in the A.L.C.S. nine times winning four times.  Detroit has not won the World Series since 1984, while Boston has won the World Series the last two times they won the A.L.C.S. in 2004 and 2007.

My bet is on Detroit to win the A.L.C.S. in six games.

National League Championship Series (N.L.C.S.)

In the National League, the Los Angeles Dodgers take on the St. Louis Cardinals.  These teams have met up three times before in the postseason:  St Louis won the N.L.C.S. in 1985, St. Louis won the N.L.D.S. in 2004, and Los Angeles won the N.L.D.S. in 2009.

The Dodgers won the regular season series four games to three.  St. Louis has won 11 World Series titles (the last time two years ago in 2011), while Los Angeles has won 6 World Series titles, with the last one coming in 1988.

St. Louis is coming off losing the N.L.C.S. last year to the eventual World Series champions the San Francisco Giants while Los Angeles has not been in the post season since 2009.

I think that the Cardinals will win in six games.

After the League Divisional Series (L.D.S.), I have a record of 3-1, so let’s see if I how I do now.

About Edward Brain

I am a long time condo activist and have a background in Business Administration.
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