1983 Grey Cup Champions

The Toronto Argonauts recently honoured the 1983 Grey Cup Champions.  You may be wondering why the defending Grey Cup Champions (the Argos having won the Cup back in November) are honouring a team from 30 years ago, but there is one important reason: prior to 1983 the Argonauts had not won the Grey Cup since 1952.  As such this team played an important role in the history of the Argos.

The game was also the first Grey Cup to be played indoors and the first to be played in B.C. Place in Vancouver.  Hank Ilesic played for the six straight Grey Cup championship team, and seventh straight Grey Cup appearance. 

The Argos beat the hometown B.C. Lions 18-17 after trailing 17-7 at halftime.

The Argos were lead by Head Coach Bob O’Billovich, quarterbacks Condredge Holloway and Joe Barnes, kicker Hank Ilesic, defensive back Carl Brazley, wide receiver Terry Greer, and defensive end Rick Mohr.

Up to 1952 the Argonauts had won 10 Grey Cups, the most won by any individual team in the history of the Grey Cup.  This team marked their 11th, and the Argos have gone on to win at least one Grey Cup every decade since then, including back to back titles in 1996 and 1997.  But this team ended one of the longest droughts in the history of the Grey Cup at 31 years.

Members of the 1983 Grey Cup team were later inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, including: Condredge Holloway, Ralph Sazio (Team President), and Lew Hayman (Executive.)

This team, along with the other 15 that have won the Grey Cup for the Argos, should be honoured and remembered.  And Go Argos Go!!!

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