The Blue Jays After Two Months

After two months, the Blue Jays still look bad.  With all the hype in the preseason thanks to all the off-season acquisitions, the Blue Jays simply are not playing up to their potential.  They are in 5th place in the American League East, with a 23-32 record.

Their offense is not were it should be.  The team’s .251 batting average ranks 9th in the AL, the team is also 9th in hits with 473 of which 69 were homeruns (the bright spot, as they are tied for 2nd in this category with the Cleveland Indians.)  They have 231 RBIs, also good for 9th overall.  Blue Jays batters have struck out 415 times while walking 175 times.  The Blue Jays do sit in 5th place in steals with 35.

Their pitching, lead by reigning Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey, and 5 time Gold Glover Mark Buehrle are not much better.  Ricky Romero was called up to make two starts, losing both.  He walked the last three batters he faced in his second start.  He was then sent down to Triple-A Buffalo, eventually being outrighted to Buffalo on June 1st.

The Blue Jays have 11 saves, for a 10th place tie with Seattle in this category.  The bright side is that Casey Janssen is 11 for 11 in save opportunities.    However, the pitchers have given up 516 hits – 3rd most in the A.L.  They have also given up the second most earned runs with 263 and have also given up 74 homeruns, for third most in that category.  They sit in 11th place in strikeouts with 388.  Opponents are hitting .267, one of the worst stats in this category.  Their WHIP of 1.43 is tied for 13th place.

The Blue Jays either have to make some drastic changes, and outrighting Romero is a start, but more is required.  There have been injuries, but other teams are managing to win with injuries – the New York Yankees being the prime example.  The Blue Jays season is spinning out of control and it appears that there is not much happening to stop this.  Unless June is a lot better, and I mean a lot better, you can right this season off before we even get to the All-Star Break.

About Edward Brain

I am a long time condo activist and have a background in Business Administration.
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